The chances of an employment tribunal claim being made against you just increased significantly.

The Supreme Court has ruled that tribunal fees are unlawful and a barrier to justice, abolishing them with immediate effect.

Now, if an employee feels you’ve treated them badly—whether you have or otherwise—there’s nothing to stop them making a claim against you. more here


Those of us who have children are used to and accept being called Mum at home by our children, but how many of us are happy with being called Mum at work?


You would be surprised at how many women are called this, often behind their backs.  I have worked with and coached many ‘MUM’ types in the corporate environment; there is however one who stands out for me more than more here

We all love a bit of retail therapy, especially after a bad week at work.  I used to regularly go out for a bit of retail therapy and yes it made me feel better. 

I would spend hundred on a new outfit, with matching shoes and a handbag, or I would convince myself I needed yet more beauty products as wearing makeup would somehow make me feel how I looked.


Despite the lovely comments I would often receive in the office on Monday morning wearing my new outfit, or walking through the office in a wonderful new pair of shoes.  The feeling was short lived; the reality was the only lasting effect was the credit card more here

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